Green Labs

Proprietary Technology

The first ever technology

Precision delivery of cannabis via vaping does not exist. 21st century consumers need to know how much they are consuming (i.e., units of alcohol or mg of medication).

Green Labs has developed the first ever technology and flexible platform for precision delivery of vapor-based material such as delivery of medical cannabis prescriptions or the regulation of the amount of nicotine delivered from heat-not-burn devices and liquid based nicotine devices.




Sleep Aids

Our Polynomial Algorithm & Sensor Technology

The polynomial algorithm is connected to our sensor and precision temperature control technology allowing the device to deliver the correct amounts of vapor-based materials.

Patented and first of its kind technology using on board hardware and cloud connected calibration database, providing near infinite flexibility and upgradeability.

Developed to deliver accurate dosage information from a device, utilising chemical compound extraction curves for varying types of consumables and the actual results from the devices’ sensor stack.

The use of Machine Learning allows, the polynomial to refined over time in the cloud database.

IOT Connectivity

Products developed with cloud and connectivity architecture.


Partner with leading industry news/entertainment outlets.


Connect to Marketplace for E-Comm, hardware, consumables, merchandise and reviews.


Connect brands with customers. Be the conduit to provide partners with access to customers.


Have device to device and peer to peer communication.


Chat, photo sharing, stories (IG/Facebook/Yelp), gamification, reviews and setting's sharing.


Have healthcare provider to patient device communication.